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CVS update: /naja/www/


Author pablo_cabrera
Full name Pablo J. Cabrera Munoz
Date 2006-05-28 09:15:11 PDT
Message User: pablo_cabrera
Date: 2006-05-28 09:15:11-0700


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File Changes:

Directory: /naja/www/

File [changed]: changeLog.html
Url: http://naja.tigris.o​rg/source/browse/naj​a/www/changeLog.html​?r1=1.2&r2=1.3
Delta lines: +62 -15
--- changeLog.html 2006-02-19 22:16:24-0700 1.2
+++ changeLog.html 2006-05-28 09:15:09-0700 1.3
@@ -17,12 +17,59 @@
 <br />
+ <b>Naja Version 1.0</b><br />
+ 27-may-2006 (yeah, its been a while...)<br />
+ <li>Added: (JS) "PHPSerializer::unserialize" implementation (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (JS) "Cipher" class (Pablo) (Thanks to Paul Johnston for his MD5 functions)</li>
+ <li>Added: (JS) "Codec" class (Pablo) (Thanks to Tyler Akins for his Base64 functions)</li>
+ <li>Added: (JS) "HttpRequester" class, a XMLHttpRequester wrapper (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (JS) "Set" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (JS) "Iterator" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (JS) "NajaClient" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (JS) "NajaCache" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (JS) "NajaRequesterPool" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (JS) "NajaMessageHolder" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (JS) "NajaMessage" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (JS) "NajaModule" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (JS) "NajaWhois" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (JS) "NajaMethod" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (JS) "NajaRequesterHolder" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (JS) "JSSerializer" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (JS) "JSSerializerReference" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (JS) "JSSerializerStack" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (JS) "ObjectHolder" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (JS) "$isset" function, mimics the "isset" from PHP (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (JS) "$empty" function, mimics the "empty" from PHP (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>BugFix: (JS) "$clone" function now supports cyclic references (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>BugFix: (JS) "Array::indexOf" works as strict mode now ("===" instead of "==") (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (PHP) "superClone" function. It supports cyclic references (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (PHP) "getObjectAsArray" function. For php5 objects (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (PHP) "NajaServer" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (PHP) "NajaCache" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (PHP) "NajaMessage" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (PHP) "NajaMethod" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (PHP) "NajaModule" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (PHP) "NajaWhois" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (PHP) "NajaMessageHolder" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (PHP) "Serializer" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (PHP) "PHPSerializer" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (PHP) "JSSerializer" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (PHP) "NajaSerializable" class (Pablo) (Thanks to André Porto for the 'serializable' tip)</li>
+ <li>Added: (PHP) "JSSerializer" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (PHP) "JSSerializerReference" class (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Added: (PHP) "JSSerializerStack" class (Pablo)</li>
     <b>Naja RC2</b><br />
     20-fev-2006<br />
- <li>Bugfix: $registerClass function wasn't registering the funciton's returns for each object's method (Pablo)</li>
+ <li>Bugfix: $registerClass function wasn't registering the function's returns for each object's method (Pablo)</li>
     <li>Bugfix: $nj.addInclude function path handling (Pablo)</li>
     <li>Bugfix: "%SCRIPT_PATH%" constant handling (Pablo)</li>
     <li>Added "%SCRIPT_FILE%" constant that contains the script's path and file (Pablo)</li>

File [changed]: index.html
Url: http://naja.tigris.o​rg/source/browse/naj​a/www/index.html?r1=​1.11&r2=1.12
Delta lines: +48 -29
--- index.html 2006-02-19 22:25:35-0700 1.11
+++ index.html 2006-05-28 09:15:09-0700 1.12
@@ -21,35 +21,31 @@
 advanced Object Oriented Abstraction for JavaScript. It uses specific serializers
 for each server type without using heavy XML-encoded data transfers, making the
 job easier for each endpoint to encode/decode data.</p>
+ <b>Added Road Map [28-may-2006]</b><br />
+ Here is a brief road-map for this project. You can access it by clicking <a href="roadMap.html"​>here</a>.​<br/>
-<li>Support for both Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers for now.</li>
-<li>Own object model that supports creation of Classes, Interfaces, InnerClasses, etc...</li>
-<li>Serialization of complex datatypes (arrays and objects).</li>
-<li>Flexible class-mapping for specific datatypes.</li>
-<li>Support both synchronous and asynchronous procedure calls.</li>
-<br />
+ <b>Naja version 1.0 released [28-may-2006]</b><br />
+ Finally after a long time working on it, here is the first operational release of this project. Check out the change-log for new classes and functions<br />
+ I've written some docs to help people to get started with it. Also a road-map was added to foresee some features that should be added on the future.<br/>
-<h3>Added Change Log</h3>
+ <b>Added Change Log [20-fev-2006]</b><br />
     Change Log added to keep track of future naja releases.<br />
     You can access it by clicking <a href="changeLog.html​">here</a>.​<br/>
-<br />
-<h3>Naja Object-Model Release Candidate 2</h3>
+ <b>Naja Object-Model Release Candidate 2 [20-fev-2006]</b><br />
     This is a maintenance version that has some major bugfixes, and introduces a new interface for serializer classes.<br />
     Go to "Documents &amp; Files" to get the sources.<br />
-<br />
-<h3>Naja Object-Model Release Candidate 1</h3>
+ <b>Naja Object-Model Release Candidate 1 [17-fev-2006]</b><br />
     After a long time, I've been able to finish (i think) the first release for the Naja Object Model.<br />
     There are some structural differences with the first draft, now it supports both classes and interfaces,
     and among many other features.<br />
@@ -57,12 +53,35 @@
     a live test <a href="test/">here​</a>.<br/​>
     Have fun :)
-<br />
-<h3>Working draft</h3>
-<p>Check out the 1st working draft that includes some OO operations
-as well some language extensions <a href="downloads/draf​t.zip">here</a​>.</p>
+ <b>Working draft [14-jan-2006]</b><br />
+ Check out the 1st working draft that includes some OO operations
+ as well some language extensions <a href="downloads/draf​t.zip">here</a​>.
+ <b><a href="docs.html#intr​oduction">Introdu​ction</a></​b> - <i>Whats this all about?</i><br />
+ <b><a href="docs.html#moti​vation">Motivatio​n</a></b​> - <i>Why does this thing was created and reasons for its existence.</i><br />
+ <b><a href="docs.html#tech">Tech Features</a></b> - <i>A quick look about how this thing works.</i><br />
+ <b><a href="docs.html#requ​irements">Require​ments</a></​b> - <i>Where could this be used?</i><br />
+ <b><a href="docs.html#quic​kstart">QuickStar​t</a></b​> - <i>Dealing with the thing itself</i><br />
+ <b><a href="changeLog.html">Change Log</a></b> - <i>Changes from release to release</i><br />
+ <b><a href="roadMap.html">Road Map</a></b> - <i>What should be done in the future</i><br />
+ <b><a href="download/naja_​v1.0.zip">naja_v1​.0.zip</a><​/b><br />
\ No newline at end of file

File [added]: roadMap.html
Url: http://naja.tigris.o​rg/source/browse/naj​a/www/roadMap.html?r​ev=1.1&content-t​ype=text/vnd.viewcvs​-markup
Added lines: 34
 <style type="text/css">
/* <![CDATA[ */
@import "http://www.tigris.or​g/branding/css/tigri​s.css";
@import "http://www.tigris.or​g/branding/css/inst.​css";
/* ]]> */
  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://www.tigris.or​g/branding/css/print​.css" media="print" />
<script src="http://www.tigris.or​g/branding/scripts/t​igris.js" type="text/javascript">
 <title>Road Map</title>

<h3>Naja Road Map</h3>
<br />

    To be honest, I don't know if we can call it a Road-Map... Its just more like a "to do" and "wish list" instead :P<br />
    Fell free to send any critics and suggentions.

    <li>Class Mapping for the serializers(so we could use different class names for the server and client)</li>
    <li>Some kind of server push (still got to figger out the best way that it could be done)</li>
    <li>XML Serializer</li>
    <li>NajaClient for PHP (so you could talk to another NajaServer from PHP)</li>
    <li>NajaServer for other platforms (Java, ASP, etc...)</li>
    <li>SOAP support for JavaScript (not really a NAJA feature but wouold be nice to use with its Object Model)</li>
    <li>Usage of some JS compression tool on its source files (Would greatly improve its performance I think)</li>

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