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Summary Native Asynchronous JavaScript
Categories libraries, construction
License BSD License
Owner(s) daniel_salvi, pablo_cabrera

Message from the owner(s)

If you need some help to get started check out the mailing list, should be a nice place to speak up your issues.


The NAJA project is a Remote Procedure Call protocol that supports advanced Object Oriented Abstraction for JavaScript. It uses specific serializers for each server type without using heavy XML-encoded data transfers, making the job easier for each endpoint to encode/decode data.

Help needed!

It's been quite some time since this project started out and didn't released its first version. This is due the fact that I alone don't have much free time to keep it up.
So if you got interested in this first version and feel like wanting to help, you are most welcome to join the project. There are still some issues to handle within the engine itself aswell some server side coding (either within the PHP version or even other programming languages).
Got any critics or suggestions? We're willing to hear from you also. This is also one of this project's purposes :).
Contact at pablo_cabrera@tigris.org.


Naja version 1.1.1 released [3-jun-2006]
Fixed the "$include" bug within FireFox for the client-side (caused me a lot of headache).

Naja version 1.1 released [30-may-2006]
Just after releasing it, i've found some bugs on the PHP NajaServer related to some missing includes.
So here is a maintenance release.

Added Road Map [28-may-2006]
Here is a brief road-map for this project. You can access it by clicking here.

Naja version 1.0 released [28-may-2006]
Finally after a long time working on it, here is the first operational release of this project. Check out the change-log for new classes and functions
I've written some docs to help people to get started with it. Also a road-map was added to foresee some features that should be added in the future.

Added Change Log [20-fev-2006]
Change Log added to keep track of future naja releases.
You can access it by clicking here.

Naja Object-Model Release Candidate 2 [20-fev-2006]
This is a maintenance version that has some major bugfixes, and introduces a new interface for serializer classes.
Go to "Documents & Files" to get the sources.

Naja Object-Model Release Candidate 1 [17-fev-2006]
After a long time, I've been able to finish (i think) the first release for the Naja Object Model.
There are some structural differences with the first draft, now it supports both classes and interfaces, and among many other features.
You can get the source code under the "Documents & Files" Section, and you also can take a look on a live test here.
Have fun :)

Working draft [14-jan-2006]
Check out the 1st working draft that includes some OO operations as well some language extensions here.


Introduction - Whats this all about?
Motivation - Why does this thing was created and reasons for its existence.
Tech Features - A quick look about how this thing works.
Requirements - Where could this be used?
QuickStart - Dealing with the thing itself


Change Log - Changes from release to release
Road Map - What should be done in the future